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Company History

Applied Electronics Corporation was established in 1963 as a group of specialists having profound experience and expertise in analog and digital technology.  AEC specializes in developing and manufacturing a wide range of electronic sensors and related equipment used by research and production functions of many universities, public agencies and industries.  Its product line consists of a diverse range of products, all of which require advanced technology and experienced specialists to manufacture.

Thanks to the guidance and assistance of customers, AEC products have been applied in numerous fields where they continue to receive high praise.  AEC's eddy-current non-contact displacement sensors (GAP-SENSORS) have been particularly successful in the market and are widely accepted.

AEC is dedicated to, and highly regarded for, quick response and cost effective performance.

Feb 1962

Applied Electronic Equipment Corporation established in Tokyo, Ohta-ku.  The company aim is development and manufacture of audio and vibration measuring instruments and laborsaving devices.

Jul 1970

Applied Electronic Corporation, a sales company for the above products established in Tokyo Nakano-ku.

Jul 1972

Trademark GAP-SENSOR for non-contact displacement meter registered.

Oct 1977

Applied Electronic Corporation Osaka Office founded in Osaka, Miyakojima-ku.

Jun 1984

The sensitive portion device for proximity switch patented.

Oct 1984

A new Applied Electronic Equipment Corporation factory established in Kawasaki, Tama-ku.

Aug 1987

License grant agreement for non-contact rangefinder contracted with NKK.

Jun 1990

Practical new design grant agreement for injection valve needle lift detector contracted with Toyota Motor

Nov 1990

Contractual agreement with SAIET Corporation in Italy for general sales agency in Europe.

Sep 1991

Trademark of seismic sensor VIBRO-GUARD registered.

Jul 1992

Applied Electronic Corporation Kawasaki Office founded in Kawasaki, Tama-ku.

Jun 1993

Practical new design for gear rotation angle detector registered.

Jun 1993

Intrinsically safe, explosion-proof products certified by Industrial Safety Association of Ministry of Labor.

Dec 1993

Products certified by Nippon Maritime Association.

Apr 1995

Sales agency contractual agreement made with VANO Corporation in Korea.

Nov 1998

Applied Electronics Corporation headquarters constructed.

Apr 1999

Applied Electronic Equipment Corporation and Applied Electronic Corporation officially merged for business efficiency.  New company is named Applied Electronics Corporation.

Sep 2002

Applied Electronics Corporation America founded in Columbus, IN USA.

Oct 2002 established and launched to provide customer service to North America and to enhance service to English-speaking customers worldwide.

Applied Electronics Corporation


Dr. Benjamin Yen

1402 Hutchins Ave., Columbus, Indiana, 47201-1358  USA

Tel: (812) 378-3009

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Main Office, Japan

3-2-1, Nagao, Tama-ku, Kawasaki City, Kanagawa, 214-0023  Japan

Tel: +81-44-900-3222

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Osaka Office, Japan

1-17-9, Katamachi, Miyakojima-ku, Osaka City, Osaka, 534-0012  Japan

Tel: +81-6-6353-1631

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